vrijdag 30 januari 2009

Fort Chartreuse

This fort was built in 1817 by the Dutch
in order to protect the city of Liège.

After the independency of Belgium in 1830 it came under
control of this new nation and was used
as army barracks.

When Germany invaded Belgium in August 1914,
Chartreuse was used as a prison for hundreds of
Belgians who tried to resist the German invaders.

49 people were executed on the site and buried.

During world war II the fort came under German control again
from 1940 till 1945.
At the end of the war it was used as the 28th US General Hospital
during the Ardennes-offensive.

In 1982 the fort was left abandoned by the Belgian army.
The place was frequently used as a hide-out for the homeless
and even a few times a dead body got dumped here.
These days measures have been taken to secure the site.

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